Mammotion LUBA Series | Perimeter Wire Free Robot Lawn Mower

Mammotion LUBA Series | Perimeter Wire Free Robot Lawn Mower

To ensure optimal growth and health, our lawns need regular upkeep to control grass height, promote a neat appearance, and manage potential weed growth. We often seek reliable and efficient solutions to streamline this process.

Visualize my friend breaking a sweat in the sweltering summer, pushing a mower through the grass, while my robot handles the entire green ordeal where every blade of grass is meticulously attended to without lifting a finger.

Redefine the very essence of lawn care, offering a seamless blend of precision and convenience that transcends traditional mowing. You'll love the outdoor experience – Mammotion LUBA Series Perimeter Wire Free Robot Lawn Mower, the range consists of LUBA AWD 1000, LUBA AWD 3000, and LUBA AWD 5000.

What is LUBA?

Mammotion LUBA AWD Series is the first and only Perimeter Wire Free Robot Lawn Mower that can handle lawns up to 5000 ㎡ (1.25 acres) with 75% slope (37°) . Suitable for all lawns. Whether your lawn is a gentle slope or a challenging incline, maintaining it becomes effortless.

No Perimeter Wire

Easy set up without you having to dig or bury wires. With the advanced four Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), Signal range covering up to 45000㎡. Even in areas with weak satellite signals, LUBA maintains stable routes using inertial navigation, odometry, and patented algorithms.

Versatile For All Lawns & Multi-Zone Management

You can easily set up mowing tasks for Up to 10 working areas, and create channels between them. Set different schedules, cutting modes and cutting heights for each mowing zone. Easily manage every piece of your lawn.

Off-road Capability & Slope Mowing

Feature with powerful All-wheel Drive System. Unlike small-diameter wheel mowers, even if your yard has rugged hills, LUBA AWD Series can effortlessly handle 75% slope and traverse the most demanding terrain without getting stuck, and handle complex lawns and thick tall grass.

Mammotion LUBA AWD 1000

  • Lawn size up to 1000㎡ (0.25 acres)
  • Max. climb 65% slope (33°)
  • Up to manage 3 zones

$3199.00 AUD

incl. GST

Mammotion LUBA AWD 3000

  • Lawn size up to 3000㎡ (0.75 acres)
  • Max. climb 65% slope (33°)
  • Up to manage 6 zones

$3999.00 AUD

incl. GST

Mammotion LUBA AWD 5000

  • Lawn size up to 5000㎡ (1.25 acres)
  • Max. climb 75% slope (37°)
  • Up to manage 10 zones

$4599.00 AUD

incl. GST

Smart App Control Anywhere

See what Mammotion App can do? You can set mowing schedules, plan routes, set cutting height, create no-go zones, auto-rain detection, anti-theft system, and track real-time mowing status anywhere, anytime.

Obstacle Avoidance & Auto-Recharge

Four ultrasonic radar sensors allow the LUBA to auto-detect and avoid obstacles as small as 5cm (2 inches). You don’t need to spend too much time thinking about it. When the battery is low, it automatically returns to the charging dock.

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help

What are the benefits for MAMMOTION LUBA AWD Series?

1. With a perimeter wire, firstly, someone has to install it – this means extra time if you do it yourself, or extra cost if someone else does it. Secondly, the perimeter wire can be damaged by animals or someone putting a spade through it - a break in the perimeter wire can be frustrating.Thirdly, if you want to change the area to be mowed, it means re-laying the wire. Finally, if you decide to move, you need to re-laying again the wire in your new lawn.
2. With Luba, forget all the above worries. You just walk with Luba along to draw vitrual bounderies, you can program your multi-cutting zones without the hassle of digging or burying the wires.
3. With Mammotion APP, you can remotely preset and update the mowing parameters for each zone, as well as check Luba’s status in real-time. The APP can be used remotely to manage your lawn when you are on a vacation or business trip.
4. Luba robotic lawn mower keeps your lawn carpet-like all the time. Luba cuts more frequently in 1-2cm to ensure your grass stay healthy.
5. It is quiet, you can run it at any time without worrying about disturbing your daily activity or your neighbours.

What if my front and back yard are separated by a fence?

Luba can manage multiple zones, if there is a path between these two yards, Luba can travel to the second yard and do the work automatically.

Does the entire area need to require a WiFi signal or once it gets its command near its charging base it can go complete work and then come back to charge?

Once the mission is set it get do the whole workflow itself even without WIFI. The WIFI is to help you check the status of LUBA and receive messages remotely on your cell phone.
Can the App be used remotely, for example when I am not at home?
With Mammotion App, you can remotely preset and update the mowing parameters for each zone, as well as check Luba’s status in real-time.